_Babuk | Babyk Ransomware

One of the biggest current threats in terms of cybersecurity and the one that most concerns companies today is the Ransomware attack, its power be on encrypting as much as posible, regarding some exclusions and try to expand into a company to do as much damage as possible and request a ransom based on extortion. Babuk a ransomware with a short lifespan, is the first one in 2021.

Distinguished by a little perfected behaviour, it has already appeared in some companies, requesting for ransoms, like all the previous Ransomwares.

An example of this is the attack to Serco and PhoneHouse, in which, after cypher computers, they requested near 100.000$ through Bitcoin, the extorsión tryies to publicy sensitive and privacy content about clients, something that would cause any company to lose customers

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